Welcome to the Interwebz!

Hello there adventitious traveler! Welcome to my so called lair of World Wide Web culture and history, I'm the webmaster of this place.


A regular person riding the information highway...

This website itself doesn't have any true or useful purpose other than being my own personal website; a mark of Neocities and the entire World Wide Web, a sign, you could say in a way, to just simply say "I (my name) was here" in hoping that any future historians might see and acknowledge that I exist(ed)(on the web).

Temporary Side-note: This website, in its current form, is practally almost devoid of any content (or in other words, lacking features of other websites that they usually use); I still will tinker with the HTML time to time and anyways this webpage is just a introduction to myself to learning HTML and CSS. P.S. always remember this phase on the (old) WWW: 'Personal spaces would always be under construction.' - https://www.cameronsworld.net.